“The first night I attended Lynn’s Basic Obedience class, my dog Theo went absolutely nuts when he saw other dogs. Theo was just one year and had a play buddy when he was a pup, so this totally threw me. Lynn had us keep a distance and politely saiD "he might need reactive dog training". My heart sank! I was a hot mess and so was my dog — I was ready to head home. Lynn said to bring Theo in. I thought, how on earth are we going to be in an enclosed room with dogs. She put Theo behind a curtain and told us about rubbing his ears to settle him. After 2 weeks, if she felt he couldn’t handle things, we would wait for the reactive dog training.

Well after 3 weeks, Theo was out from behind the curtain and not “going crazy”. Every week, my mom and I continued to see changes in Theo for the better. It was like I was given a miracle. Theo loves to learn and quickly learned that being quiet meant he could participate.

Lynn’s training is positive and makes your dog “think for itself”. She gives you the tools and creative ideas in which to use them. She takes time to give you suggestions for your individual difficulties with your dog. We just finished our 2nd class and Theo continues to excel. We look forward to future classes with Lynn. Our goal is agility training. I feel confident with Lynn’s training that I will have a dog that is calmer and more confident in the world. That is the best thing I could give to Theo. Thank you Lynn! You are truly a blessing to the training community."

Love Theo, Kathern and Shirley”