Obedience Training

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After your first session of classes with On Target, we offer a 15% discount on ALL continued training.

Basic Obedience & Manners:

This course is for the older puppies and adult dogs of all ages. Learning skills such as Sit, Down, Come, Placement (Stay), Loose Leash Walking, Focus, Polite Greetings (waiting for permission to greet people or dogs) No Jumping Up.

6 Months and Older
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week – $190.00 includes HST

Next Class:
Thursday, October 28 at 6:00pm


Beyond Basic Obedience:

This course ‘ups the ante’, by honing and perfecting radical recalls (here/come), extreme impulse control regarding ignoring food or other objects, hands free loose leash walking progressing to off leash heeling, down or sit at a distance. Working the 3 D’s of training; Distance, Distractions and Duration.

Prerequisite: On Target’s Puppy Obedience & Manners or our Basic Obedience & Manners

6 Months and Older
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week - $165.00 plus HST

New dates coming soon!

Reactive/Fear Aggressive Dogs:

Do you have a Feisty Fido, Out of Control, Reactive, Fearful or Fear Aggressive dog that barks and lunges at people, cars, and other dogs? We teach you how to train your dog how to modify their behaviour to be safe, calm, and confident members of your family. A dog that you can enjoy to walk and take into public without barking, lunging and hard to control.

Prerequisite: To be assessed by Trainer
Course length: 8 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 3 dogs - $255.00

Next Class:
New dates coming soon!

In Homing Training:

Enjoy the convenience of Lynn an experienced and Certified Professional Dog Trainer coming to you.

There are many valid reasons why In Home Training may work best for you.

  • Waiting until all vaccinations are completed.
  • A jump start with your puppy’s training before he or she is old enough to attend classes.
  • Some problems are best solved in your home
  • Private One on One lessons without leaving home.

Fees start at $80.00 plus HST and .35 cents per KM.