Agility Training

We don’t expect our students to compete in Agility but to enjoy the absolute fun of playing the game. Not to mention that your dog’s obedience and manners will sky rocket. Everyone starts agility just to try it out and see if their dog likes it. We all started agility with the dog we had at the time and most of us never thought that we would compete in it. Because of that we do believe that the first stages of agility training has a huge impact on whether you and your dog continue to like agility to a recreational or to a competitive level. With our extensive experience and knowledge of competitive agility we are able to instruct our students and their dogs to quickly have success. Agility should be fun, regardless of the end goals for each team.

On Target has invested heavily not only in our education by being a regular student of some of the top agility competitors in the world but also in our top of the line and state of the art regulation agility equipment. Safety for your dog and ours is our first priority. I imported polymer safety jumps with displaceable cups that have no sharp edges. Our Contact equipment; A-Frame, Dog Walk and Teeter are fully adjustable to a lowered height to safely introduce your dog too. The contact equipment is also rubberized for ultimate safety, traction and low impact.

Did you know that the Tire Jump can often cause the most crashes and result in injury? Which is why On Target has a Max200 Breakaway Tire Jump.

Our outdoor agility ring is fully fenced, level mowed turf located in the shade of huge Maple Trees that provide cool comfort and shade during the summer.

As of the fall of 2016 we are under construction of our amazing new huge indoor arena!!! 70 ‘ x 135’ dedicated to training dogs and hosting future dog events. We have the largest indoor training facility in Northumberland and surrounding Counties.

We welcome other trainers or clubs to inquire regarding facility rentals.

Beginner/Foundations Agility:

A fun interactive introduction to the specific skills needed to perform agility safely and in control, regardless as to whether you want to compete or not. Flat work skills for the handler and the dog are perfected along with an introduction to the equipment.

Prerequisite: Any On Target Obedience classes or To be assessed by trainer.
Course length: 6 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, limited to 5 dogs
Age: 6 Months and Up
Fee: $225.00 Includes HST
NEXT CLASS: Thursday, November 9 at 6:00pm


Agility Level 1:

This course focuses on perfecting each obstacle, longer sequences, continued handling skills, body language, positional cues with an introduction to the different crosses. Dogs must be able to work off leash (one at a time).

Prerequisite: Intro to Agility or To Be Assessed by Trainer if you have had previous Agility training.
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 5 dogs
Fee: $200.00 plus HST

Agility Level 2:

More difficult sequencing and courses, course analysis, obstacle discrimination, increased handler skills, distance skills and an introduction to International Handling Skills.

Prerequisite: Agility 1 or To Be Assessed by Trainer if you have previous agility training
Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 5 dogs
Fee: $200.00 plus HST

Advanced Agility:

For those wanting more challenges or for those that their goal is to compete in agility. Rules and Regulations of the different agility associations, preparation for the different agility trial classes offered (Gamblers, Snooker, Standard)

Prerequisite: Agility Level 2 or To be assessed by Trainer if you have had previous agility training
Course Length: 6 Weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 5 dogs
Fee: $200.00 plus HST

Masters Agility:

Training for the highest level of National and International Masters level of agility for the competitive or recreational student.

Prerequisite: Advanced Agility or Competing in Advance/Open or Masters
Course Length: 6 Weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 5 dogs
Fee: $200.00 plus HST

Tricks Class:

Teaching tricks to any dog is a great way to build upon your relationship with them and increase your obedience skills as well. Fun interactive class in which you can earn a Trick Dog Title! Teaching your dog to Bow, Sit Pretty, Jump though a Hoop, Prayer, Back Up plus so much more!!!!

Course Length: 6 Weeks, 1 Hour Per Week, Limited to 5 dogs
Fee: $200.00 plus HST


After your first session of classes with On Target, we offer a 10% discount on ALL continued training.