Puppy Training

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After your first session of classes with On Target, we offer a 15% discount on ALL continued training.

Puppy Start Right:

The most informative time of a puppy’s life is the time period between 4 weeks and 4 months of age. This is a critical time to properly socialize and to start training your puppy. The purpose of the Puppy Primer course is to safely socialize you pup to as many people and other puppies as possible. The curriculum includes topics such as House Training, Bite Inhibition, Impulse Control, Appropriate Play with People and other dogs, Focus on Handler, Building Loose Leash Skills, Come when called, Sit and Down and preventing common obedience problems such as Jumping up on people.

Puppies must have proof of the first set of Vaccinations.
9-14 weeks (older small breed puppies can join this class if the owner prefers)
Course Length: 6 Weeks, 1 Hour per week.
$125.00 plus HST

Next Class Starts:
Wednesday, September 30 at 7:30pm

Puppy Basic Obedience & Manners:

Prerequisite: Puppy Primer or equivalent for another school.

A continuation of our Puppy Primer course which concentrates on Auto Sits, Down, Amazing Recalls, Polite Greetings (no jumping up), Counter Surfing (begging or stealing food), and No Pulling Loose Leash Walking.
4 months to 6 months
Course Length; 8 Weeks, I Hour per week.
$165.00 plus HST
10 % Discount if Prerequisite is completed at On Target Dog Training

Next Class:
Thursday, Oct. 15 at 6:00pm