What to bring to Class

  • Flat Collar and 6 Foot leash
  • Soft, small food rewards (when you have registered for classes you will be sent a list of recipes and reward suggestions
  • No hard biscuits or anything that crumbles, Thank you :).
  • Doggy Pick Up Bags
  • Water and Water Bowl ( we don’t offer a community water bowl)
  • You are welcome to bring a Clicker, however we use the marker word of Yes instead of clicker.
  • Your puppy’s or dog’s favorite Toy/Tug
  • Crate if you feel that your pup or dog will need it
  • Head Halter if your pup or dog is hard to control – we recommend a HALTI brand.
  • No Prong/Pinch Collars are allowed
  • No Choke Chains
  • No Electronic Shock (or vibrating) Collars allowed
  • No Retractable Leashes


We will be teaching you how to be a benevolent leader without using force or bribing with treats. We are not ‘Treat Trainers’. Using proven methods that are 3 times faster than traditional old school methods.

You will be taught:

  • What to reward using food, toy, play, affection and life rewards.
  • What to NOT reward
  • When to reward
  • How to fade using rewards, it is a myth that once you start using rewards that you always have to use them.
  • How NOT bribe your dog to get what you want!!!!

We teach you how to use motivational methods effectively and your canine partner will learn how to make right choices.

No refunds are given after the start of the first class with the exception of a sick/injured dog or handler with a note from your veterinarian or doctor.

Bitches in heat can attend classes if they are wearing sanitary pants.

Students that miss a class can make arrangements with Lynn for a ½ hour make up class to remain on track with their classmates. Notification must be received prior to the start of the class and this offer is ONLY applicable during the length of the course. Unless special arrangements have been made with Lynn.

It is not uncommon for dogs to be over excited and hard to control when they arrive for the first class. If you have or think you might have a hard time controlling your dog, we recommend that you ARRIVE with your dog wearing a properly fitted Halti (brand name is Halti) head halter. This to ensure the safety of all people and dogs until we can raise the skills of your dog and yourself to work on a flat collar.